Knee Osteoarthritis

MedXCell Science’s cell therapies target osteoarticular diseases. MedXCell Science’s lead product candidate, ADIPOA, intends to treat mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis, a condition affecting more than 70 million people worldwide. 

Osteoarthritis is a progressive condition characterised by inflammation, swelling and pain within the affected joint. The root cause is either traumatic damage – or erosion through wear-and-tear – of the cartilage tissue that sits between the major bone structures acting as a shock absorber and low-friction surface. As well as significant joint pain, sufferers experience major loss of mobility which negatively affects quality of life.

About 70 million people suffer from mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis worldwide. This number will double by 2030 due in particular to population ageing. 

people suffer from mild and moderate knee OA
in 2020

people projected to suffer from mild and moderate knee OA 
in 2030

Today, no viable treatment exists for this stage of the disease resulting in a huge unmet medical need that MedXCell Science intends to fulfil.

Other Therapeutical Focus

The principle of manufacturing doses of therapeutic cells from universal donors for practical medical use is extendable into many other indications such as hip osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. Second-generation technologies that are currently in development will also enable continuous improvements in the ability to engineer therapeutic cells for more new indications and progressively more specialized functions. MedXCell Science is already well-positioned to exploit such opportunities through its advanced know-how in the challenges of cell therapy commercialization.