Mechanism of Action

Injected mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) create beneficial effects by modifying the environment around the affected joint. Inflammation is suppressed and immune mechanisms are modulated. The introduced cells signal and recruit the patient’s own mechanisms of repair and tissue regeneration in order to establish a long-term improvement which persists long after the injected cells are eliminated.

Extensive R&D

R&D is the cornerstone of MedXCell Science’s activity. Its first product candidate, ADIPOA is the result of more than 15 years of extensive R&D and rigorous scientific investigation. MedXCell Science is continuously carrying R&D projects to maintain its technological lead. Such projects include the creation of new generations of therapeutic products, the validation of biological activity tests and the improvement of industrial production methods.

Manufacturing Process

  • Fully optimized and validated processes
  • Encompassing the collection of tissue from qualified donors and processing of therapeutic cells to shipping of finished product to customers
  • Discrete stages of the process are protected by confidential know-how and by patent applications
  • MedXCell’s product is a proprietary “product by process” with “best in class” performance
  • Well-suited to industry quality standards
  • Scalable for cost-effective commercial manufacturing

Intellectual Property

The full process, material sources and the documented methods are all important elements of Intellectual Property (IP). Currently, the following specific elements are considered valuable and important:

Cell Selection

the ability to extract from original tissue appropriate cells with therapeutic potential. This is protected by both confidential know-how and patent applications.

Production Protocol

the ability to cost effectively expand cell numbers in order to produce commercial scale batches with appropriate quality standards. This is protected by extensive know-how which will remain confidential.

Cell Signature

the ability to define functional therapeutic cells by specific “signatures”. These are specific and measurable characteristics such as gene expression and surface markers which make a cell population useful and unique, as well as enabling product consistency. MedXCell protects such cell signatures by confidential know-how and by patent applications.

Therapeutic Protocols

the ability to use products clinically with the maximum patient benefit
As MedXCell further innovates and develops proprietary techniques and products, it expects to extend the scope and value of its IP, protecting against infringement and creating valuable new business assets.